Week 3

My weekly duties vary because a lot of my project is independent work. I follow a timeline for when I need tIMG_2032o turn particular deliverables and check in with my preceptors. But for the most part my day starts around 8:30-9:00am everyday and usually I will begin doing independent research for my projects and some days I spend the whole day working on my projects. Other days I go and visit field sites such as the main and mini rabbit breeding centers, the nutrition clinic, and the maternal clinic. I also participate in community outreach such as the monthly HIV and cervical cancer screening outreach. I also attend the deliveries at the maternal clinic and that can be anytime of day because babies do not like to be born during normal business hours. I also do some weekend activities such as the last Saturday of the month when the nutrition clinic does their check in with mothers and children that they have rehabilitated. So while IMG_2188I do spend a decent amount of time doing research and organizing things for my projects I get to spend a lot time in the communities and interacting with families and patients who actually receive KIHEFO’s services.


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